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Last Long Run Before MCM * GLIRC 6 Hour Run

Last long run before the Marine Corps Marathon! I was supposed to run 20 miles for my last long run before the Marine Corps Marathon, and I knew that if I went to Caumsett I would have trouble keeping up my motivation. I’ve gotten a little bored with running at Caumsett. So I registered for the Greater Long Island Running Club 6 hour 60th Birthday Run at beautiful Sunken Meadow State Park.

I knew that run would keep me honest and I would get the most running done. I was a little apprehensive about running such a long distance on mostly trails, and hilly trails at that, but I took a chance and figured that I would be careful and gain a fitness advantage from the challenge. The aid station was well stocked. There is a restroom by the start/finish line, so it’s always there and you pass it and the aid station every time you make the 2.1 mile loop. This run was alot of fun and everyone was so nice! I had a tough time with the trails, especially since I have missed alot of training runs due to work, so I knew that trying 20 miles, especially on trails, was going to be pushing it quite a bit. The pace was slow but I did the best I could and covered as many miles as I could. The trails were hilly! At about mile 16 my right knee was starting to hurt, and my left calf felt weak and sproingy. I didn’t want to push things too hard so I finished the loop and finished my run at 17.36 miles. I feel good that I accomplished this, and the weather was gorgeous. This run was a lot of fun and I’m definitely doing it again next year


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