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Little Cow Harbor Run For Hope 4 Mile Run

All I can say about this race was holy crap!!! Wow!! What a difference in my running when (1) its a little warmer (45*) and (2) when I have some semblance of lung function!!! I can’t believe these splits and I can’t believe I ran a progression run! This course was very hilly. I had to stop and walk a few times in the first half mile or so because I did not warm up before the race and my calves were screaming and crying. After the first mile, however it was smooth sailing and I ran without taking any walk breaks at all. I just can’t believe my paces in the 3rd and 4th miles!!!! That is super fast for me. Unbelievable!!! Legs felt good after the race as well.

m1 = 10:45
m2 = 10:00
m3 = 9:47
m4 = 9:40
.09 = (avg pace 6:46 — I was hauling ass and sprinting to the finish line)

I am speechless.  Just speechless.

Here I am running the 6:46 pace to the finish line.  I was FLYING, I tell you!!  FLYING!!

Little Cow Harbor 2011

My feet were barely touching the ground on the way to the finish line.