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NYRR Al Gordon Classic 4M

NYRR Al Gordon Classic 4M.

(Running theme:  my 9/11 lungs suck and they hate running in winter.)

2011 NYRR al gordon 4 miler

I was running this race with Michelle (@bklynrunner) ( We spent 40 min trying to find a place to park before we finally found one. I was sure we were not going to make the start of the race because it was already after 8am, but we jogged to the start line and were almost the last runners to make it to and cross the start line. Took a couple of hits from the inhaler as we were getting to the start line. Tried to run a consistent 10:25 pace but I could not keep the pace at all and had a massive asthma attack at mile 1, despite having taken the inhaler at the start. Stopped, tried to breathe. Took the inhaler again, tried to regain my breathing. F*cked away the idea of trying to keep a 10:25 pace and continued running with only the goal of “just run, try not to stop, and don’t die.”

M1 = 11:00
M2 = 11:55
M3 = 10:18
M4 = 10:56
.05 = Avg pace 10:15

2011 NYRR al Gordon 4 miler

The 3rd mile split of 10:18 was only so good because there was a huge downhill during that mile and I was able to run down the hill at a decent pace and breathe. Garmin time was 44:43 because I turned it off late after crossing the finish line. Official time: 44:35.

Michelle was awesome and totally got me through this race. She ran it effortlessly and was being her super positive self, encouraging me and everyone around her. She often ran up to the race photographers to pose. If anyone sees those pics, I am the poor soul about 25 feet back with the green puffy vest & cool hat who looks like she’s about to die.