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2010 Marine Corps Marathon

First, let me start by saying that MCM weekend was amazing!  I saw and met for the first time so many twitter friends at tweetup held at @ultrarunnergirl’s house on Friday night and then at the expo Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, I also went to the Rally for Sanity on the national mall.  That was fun, though it was so mobbed that I couldn’t get close enough to hear or see what was going on onstage.

MCM was fun and I ended up finishing with a 6 minute PR!

Before the race I had the pleasure of hanging out with Stacey (@runnerchick28),  Mary (@Running_Fox), Brian, Jennifer (@JenZenator), Michelle (@MKSKINMD), and Penny (@southbaygirl).

Yes, I was wearing a puffy coat!  That puffy coat kept me toasty warm while all the runners around me were shaking and shivering in the cold.  I tossed the puffy coat about 1 mile into the race.  It is wonderful  that the discarded clothing is picked up by volunteers for those who need it.  Whoever gets that puffy coat is going to be VERY warm this winter.  Only $18 at Walmart, but it was one of the warmest coats I’ve ever worn.  $18 is a small price to pay to keep me warm.  Those who know me know that I hate the cold.  🙂

I started the race running a bit with Penny and Lauren (@runninglaur).

But I didn’t run with them for very long because my calf was tightening up (my calf’s way of demanding a walk break) and my plan was to run the race with a 2:1 Galloway run/walk ratio at any rate.

I cruised along doing my 2:1 ratio but then for some reason around mile 16, I started slowing down and had trouble holding pace and sticking to the 2:1 ratio.  At the same time I also realized I was getting VERY THIRSTY and probably was starting to get dehydrated.  I did not run the race with a bottle; my plan was to rely on the water stops. Even though I was taking Powerade and water at each water stop, it wasn’t enough and I was getting increasingly more thirsty.  Around mile 15, I texted Hubs and asked him to meet me around mile 18 or 19 with a bottle of water.  He brought me a bottle of water and that helped a bit.  Actually, it was a godsend.  I’m very thankful that he was there to be my pit crew during the race!

My legs, however, were pretty much exhausted around mile 20 when I caught up to @msv1959 and Josh (@speedysasquatch).  She had asked Josh to run the race with her and he raised money for a charity to get a spot in the race and pace her.  When I caught up to them, @msv1959 was fighting hard but suffering from vertigo and having trouble running.  I walked with them for a while, prolly to mile 21, and shared my water with her. But I realized that I still had a chance to PR if I kept going so I wished her the best and ran/walked further.  I still was not able to hold the 2:1 ratio. but I did the best I could.

At mile 25 I saw @keithdunn cheering.  I ran over and said hello and he was kind enough to offer some fantastic encouraging words and run with me for a bit.  It gave me a much-needed shot of energy and I pushed forward.

I finished in 5:26:10 — a PR for me by 6 minutes!

I knew a PR was inevitable for this race because my training has been so much better than last year.  I was really hoping for a bigger PR.  I figured I could finish around 5:05-5:15.  Still, I will take a 6 min PR and try for more at my next marathon.

My next marathon is the NCR trail marathon in Sparks, MD on November 27, 2010.

I signed up for this marathon in order to inspire (read: force me to) keep up my mileage for the 2011 Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge at Walt Disney World.

I’m pretty bummed that I can’t seem to get significantly faster.  I love the Galloway training program, but it is really not helping me speed up much.  I feel like I need the run/walk because my calf tightens when I run without a walk break and I’m terrified I’ll be injured again….  (sigh)  I don’t know.  I’ll keep plodding along, but I seriously feel like a GIANT TURTLE.

After the Goofy Challenge and after spring arrives, I will focus my efforts on speed.  For now I just need to find a way to survive the winter.