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2010 Disneyland Half Marathon

On September 5, 2010 I ran the 2010 Disneyland Half Marathon. The 2010 Disneyland Half Marathon ( is a proud accomplishment for me, and I also had an immense amount of fun running it. I think it shows in the photographs also. I was running strong and hard and having a really good time at it!
The weekend before the race, I ran a 20 mile NYRR training run in which I was trying out a marathon race pace for me (Galloway method, 2:1 run/walk ratio) to run in the upcoming 2010 Marine Corps Marathon.  It worked well for the first 16 miles, but fell apart after that when I began to hit the wall.  I hit the wall (and I expected that I would) because my last long run prior to that had been a 14 miler about four weeks earlier.  If I hadn’t been making such a large jump in my long run distance from 14 to 20 miles, it would have worked perfectly.  Still I was very happy with the 20 miler, because even though my pace slowed down a lot in the end, if I maintain that average pace in the Marine Corps Marathon, I’ll PR by 20 minutes! Saweeeeeet!
For the Disneyland Half, I thought about it and decided to push the pace a little for the shorter 13.1 mile distance. So I decided to use a 2min:30sec run/walk ratio and see how it would work for me. It worked great! I had expected to run the race in about 2:32 (because I had just run a 20 miler the week before), but I ended up finishing it in 2:21, only 3 minutes off my half marathon PR of 2:18. Rocktastic! The 2min:30sec run/walk pace worked like a charm! I felt great throughout the race and my legs only started to feel tired around mile 12.
After the race I had the great pleasure of meeting @southbaygirl, @liloruns and @kristyLpants.  Below is a photo of @southbaygirl and I with our medals after the race.
So with another happy-go-lucky race under my belt, my Marine Corps Marathon continues…

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